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Why Choose Us?

We identify and address root causes

Utilizing clinical experience and unique methodologies such as Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Quantum Biology we are able to look at your body as a complete unit. 

We identify the root causes and then can create a game plan to help restore the natural healing capabilities of your body

We'll save you time & money!

When you get ANSWERS and a GAME PLAN, you'll start to get the results you want. Stop wasting time with useless medications that just cover up your symptoms. Stop turning to "Dr. Google" just filling your brain with conflicting information.

Cutting edge treatments

We utilize tools that have proven results, backed by scientific research. If we have it in the office, you know that it's proven! 

We also utilized modern communication methods as we feel that constant communication & education with our patients is key to healing. 

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What Patients Are Saying:

I've been a patient of Holistic Medicine for over 30 years. While Dr. Mike may appear young, he has the wisdom and knowledge of all the generations that came before him. He is a consummate student always doing research on what works and what is cutting edge. My entire family see's him on a regular basis. He has helped us through numerous health crises from auto-immune issues to multiple surgery recovery and more! I would not hesitate sending anyone to see Dr. Mike. He is a true healer


I can't say enough about Dr. Mike! When Western Medicine couldn't figure out why I was feeling constantly getting sinus infections, he quickly got to the root of the problem. I felt better almost immediately & have continued to improve my health with his guidance. 



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