Almost every new patient that walks into my office has a bag of supplements that will rival most vitamin shops

“I take xyz pill for my leaky gut, then this powder from the Himalayan caves has a special root grown specifically for my hair falling out. Then this fish oil from the cold waters of Alaska is molecularly distilled to help decrease my joint pain…”

Then I ask “well how do you feel?”

Pause…weird look on their face…

“I don’t feel well. If I did then I wouldn’t be in your office.”

2 things wrong with that statement:

1️⃣ the things you’re doing aren’t working!

2️⃣ if you saw me before you felt bad, then you wouldn’t be in this situation

People are using supplements the same way they would use medication: “a pill for an ill” Some may run extensive lab tests and find deficiencies and justify the use of supplements. That’s a little better, but the astute clinician would continue to ask “what’s causing this imbalance” rather than jumping to supplementation.

I used to be in that paradigm. But I saw that it wasn’t effective. And it was very costly.

It took years for me to truly understand how and when to use a supplement.

So just because you saw some internet guru talk about the latest and greatest pill/powder…don’t automatically jump on it. The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand how your body works. Then you’ll be able to truly understand what your body will need to maintain and regain health.

Remember…your “health bank account”is being drained. It doesn’t make sense to deposit Zimbabwe currency into a checking account that only accepts USD!

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