3 amazing & powerful tips to help survive the 2nd puberty

3 amazing & powerful tips to help survive the 2nd puberty

There’s no doubt that your body changes as you get older. I often see patients who have health issues going from their mid 20’s to their late 30’s. I call this the “2nd Puberty” (I know the meaning for puberty, but this is something the general public can understand and relate to in terms of “change”) I speak about it in this recording of an Instagram Live video

Making this transition smoothly actually depends upon what you do during your TEENS and 20’s (which is usually the time when we wreck our bodies) 🙋🏽‍♂️But we all know how that worked out!

Top 3 Tips to help you make this transition smoother…

  1. Need to get your circadian rhythms back into balance. Your body has to run according to the natural 24-hour cycles of light. Unfortunately, your cells don’t have little apple watches to tell them what time of the day it is. They have to rely on environmental cues such as light, food intake and movement. Try to establish a proper sleep/wake cycle according to the sun – get up with the sun and go down with the sun. Also minimize your blue light exposure, especially at night. If you have to use computers or devices that emit blue light at night, consider using blue blocking glasses. These are the ones I recommend and if you use code TRIPLEPLAYDOC you can get 15% off your order.
  2. Essential to get your gut functioning at tip-top shape…especially as you age! This is the core of all your health issues and will be the foundation to which you build your health! The 2nd puberty will OWN you if you don’t have your circadian rhythms in check and your gut is off balance. Get my total gut restore course which will walk you through the entire process (5 steps).
  3. Get those hormones back into balance! Hormones are cellular communicators. When they aren’t in balance your cells with either receive too much or too little of the proper message. This is when you’ll feel “out of sorts”. Hormonal balance relies heavily on the first 2 tips I just gave you. The first place I always start with patients in hormonal restoration is the LIVER! Yes, the liver is the main organ responsible for metabolizing the hormones especially estrogen (listen up ladies!). When estrogen levels remain high relative to progesterone due to inadequate liver metabolism, you run into all sorts of issues! And the liver is dependent upon gut function. If the gut function is off and the microbiome is in a state called dysbiosis, you put extra strain on the liver. So the liver is only focused on detoxifying the gut and will put the other 499 functions on the backburner! (See how important it is to get the gut back into balance?)

Hope this helps a little!

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