Here’s a training I did where I looked at the process of obesity and what’s truly going on in your body.

It’s time to rethink how you look at the causative factors surrounding weight issues. Yes, diet plays a huge role, but it’s not the only player in this equation.

There’s many other issues that need to be normalized…one being your biorhythms and how much blue light your being exposed to when you’re NOT supposed to! 

Here’s the tools I recommend if you’re struggling with your weight:

  1. Blue blocking glasses (get 15% off your order when you use the code TRIPLEPLAYDOC)
  2. The Better Body System – this is a system unlike any other. We primarily focus on balancing out the body’s pH levels, which plays a major factor in how your hormones bind and insulin sensitivity
  3. Using exogenous ketones can help with training your body to utilize a different source of fuel. This will also help with satiety. I usually will mix it in with the Better Body System (listed above) for amazing results
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