Resistance Bands

Resistance bands should be part of every athlete’s training arsenal. These are invaluable to prevent injuries and one of the best ways to warm up.

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  • WHY RESISTANCE BANDS? – Baseball throwing is one of the most strenuous activities an athlete can endure in any sport, so proper recovery from this highly explosive movement is vital to not only quickly return the athlete to his/her peak performance, but also to ensure a long-lasting career. V-Bands are also comparable and compatible to Jaegers Bands (J-Bands) throwing program.
  • FASTER RECOVERY – With consistent and proper usage, V-Bands can greatly improve recovery and performance by increasing the shoulder’s blood flow, flexibility, strength, endurance, and durability.
  • INJURY PREVENTION – Chronic injuries often only appear long after the damage has been done so it’s important to be pro-active with shoulder maintenance. Implement a pre-game, post-game, pre-training, and post-training warm-up and cooldown regemine. Don’t wait until there’s pain! It’s never too young to get used to warming up and cooling down with bands.
  • THROW FASTER/HARDER – Throwing faster is all about hard work, smart training and proper recovery. Precision Impact V-Bands isn’t a magic pill to get there, but it is definitely a vital tool.


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