Complete healing requires these 3️⃣ things

MINDSET – you first have to release worry & frustration and replace with serenity & gratitude. Adopt the practice of affirming you desires for healing:

  • “I am healed”
  • “thank you for my healing”
  • “I am so grateful to experience complete healing”

Your mind is extremely powerful and if you learn how to use it properly, you can witness miracles.

Cease to complain about your issues. Cease to own your issue…quit saying “my XYZ disease”

BODY – your body is composed of trillions of cells

A bunch of cells will make tissues…a bunch of tissues makes an organ…a bunch of organs make a system…and a bunch of systems makes YOU!

Take care of it properly. Learn the intricacies and simple beauty of your vessel!

  • Work to maintain the mobility of joints.
  • Work to maintain suppleness of soft tissues
  • Work to maintain the proper physiology in accordance to your environment
  • Work to create an environment conducive to optimal health

NUTRITION – “let Thy food be Thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” spoke Hippocrates. You eat to supply your BODY with the information, nutrients for cellular repair, energy production, maintenance of tissue integrity and biotransformation (aka detoxification). 

  • Steer clear of fad diets and regimens
  • Be mindful of those who speak in absolutes.
  • Each person is biochemically unique and your needs will change over time

These are the basics to heal and maintain optimal function!



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